October 6, 2022

Dave Curl is really busy in these crazy times of pandemic and he doesn’t waste time but productively works on his new releases. We’ve done another great interview with him, so check it out!

Dave Curl is a Singer Songwriter living in Winterthur, Switzerland. Writing and performing songs is what he loves to do. In 2019 he played 17 concerts in Switzerland and abroad.

His songs reflect the search for that magical moment, where words, sounds and melodies become one. His music goes from rocky feel-good folk to soulful ballads. He draws inspiration from his surroundings – those little moments that effect our daily life – or from traveling to other countries and being inspired by the rhythm of the sea or the foreign culture. His English-Australian roots can be felt in his lyrics. He’s also a surfer and coffee lover…-).

Lisa: Hello Dave, you’ve been really busy in these crazy times and thank you for doing another interview for GMT. You’ve recently released an awesome music video for “You Got Me”, and it’s getting nice traction on all platforms. What was the inspiration for the video?

Dave: Hello Lisa, nice to be back again! The theme of my song „You Got Me“ is about going out on a Friday night to a night club, drinking, dancing and connecting to someone on the dance floor. So the idea to make a „dance- video“ wasn’t to far away… . A friend of mine is a professional contemporary dancer and she was all in to create an awesome choreography to this song. Everything else – the band, the dancers, the location, my DOP – also went really smoothly… .

Lisa: Also, your latest lyric video “Cowboy” is awesome. Who is the “Cowboy” in the song, and what is his story?

Dave: Thanks, Lisa! The song „Cowboy” deals with the emotions and feelings you can have as a man in the “middle age”, caught up in a circle of daily routines of work, family, household, etc. In a moment of feeling low and caught up in my duties, I had this – beware of cliché – picture of a cowboy, riding out into the sunset, nothing but free space around him… and this year’s pandemic sadly gave this song another dimension: loneliness. So, the guy who plays the „Cowboy“ in the video… is me! I had this quite spontaneous picture of a homeless guy, trying to survive to show this sad side of the song.

Lisa: I wanted to ask you this the last time… Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

Dave: That’s a good question… maybe you could say that you’ll find some hope and even joy in my songs and many of them are about not giving up and finding your own way… .

Lisa: Also, last time we’ve spoke about live performances. How much do you miss those, and how are you adapting to current situation?

Dave: To be honest, I really go lucky in this crazy year… although I also had to cancel some concerts and some were rather poorly visited, I played over 15 concerts, two of them in France and Spain this summer!

Lisa: Are you planning to release the CD or Vinyl anytime in the future?

Dave: A CD with my released songs should be coming out next February!

Lisa: What would you do if you made a mistake during a performance?

Dave: If it not a mayor mistake, just play on… normally the audience doesn’t recognize it too much… if it messes up the song, be honest, start again… it happens to the best!

Lisa: Do you follow a process or ritual before a performance to get rid of nerves
or performance anxiety?

Dave: I take a step into my “middle“ and accept that my „musician“ is freaking out-).

Lisa: Do you have any weaknesses that you’re actively working to improve on?

Dave: I guess the secret is to practice on a regular level – to be confident when it comes to performing on a stage.

Lisa: And at the end, I must ask what are your plans for the future?

Dave: First, recover a bit from this crazy year… . January will be filled with my LP production and reaching out for gigs. In March I’m planning to produce new songs and then hopefully the next year will be a better one for musicians and the music industry! If we learned something about 2020, you never know what’s coming… .

Thank you again!

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