March 21, 2023
Factory 93 Presents Cristoph 2022

FaCet is the latest project from progressive house maestro Cristoph that lets you peer into the depths of his creative mind.

While Cristoph might be most renowned for his sublime releases that have landed on labels such as Pryda Presents, Anjunadeep, Truesoul, Last Night On Earth, and Suara, he began down a new path in 2022 with his new label, Consequence Of Society. This imprint was launched with the mission of providing a new home for the progressive house maestro’s music while allowing him space to explore new creative endeavors. While the debut release on the imprint, “Turning Away” with Ross Quinn, helped set the tone, it wasn’t until this year that his exploration came to a head with FaCet.

The intention behind Cristoph’s FaCet project is to showcase his artistic journey and explore influences from other genres that have impacted his sonic evolution. This concept’s first taste arrived in early February with the release of FaCet Vol. 1.1 that offered “Tha Music” and “You” for fans to feast their ears on. Then, Cristoph dropped off another helping with FaCet Vol. 1.2 that landed toward the end of that same month with “Swoon” and “The Curse” in tow.

Now that March is in full bloom, the full version of FaCet Vol. 1 is out now for your listening pleasure and offers three fresh progressive-fueled gems that will sweep you off your feet and have you swooning even more for Cristoph. “Saints & Sinners” leads the way with its stripped-back intro that keeps the pace as you chug into the darkness of its melodic soundscape. “Trigger” arrives next with its hypnotic bassline and synths that crescendo into a progressive drop that is sure to make any dancefloor go absolutely wild.

The third new single, “Seize,” features a beat that oscillates in the mind as Cristoph controls every ounce of your being during its runtime. This tune shows off his production mastery as he layers in element after element to build anticipation while layering in powerful moments where all you can really do is submit to the sound and move your feet to the beat.

Listen to FaCet, Vol. 1 on Spotify or your preferred platform, and make sure to follow Cristoph on social media to stay in the know on future releases and more.

Stream Cristoph – FaCet, Vol. 1 on Spotify:

Cristoph – FaCet, Vol. 1 – Tracklist:

  1. Saints & Sinners
  2. Trigger
  3. Seize
  4. Tha Music
  5. You
  6. Swoon
  7. The Curse

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