February 27, 2024
Cringe: Watch Gullible Fans Swarm a Prankster In a Knockoff Marshmello Helmet - EDM.com

“Oh my God, Marshmello!”

That’s what passersby in a Las Vegas hotel heard as groups of gullible fans chased after TikToker Mordy, who decided to don a knockoff Mello helmet as a social experiment on New Year’s Eve.

Surprise: the humans failed. Despite the visibly fake helmet—most likely purchased at his local Spirit Halloween store—they were easily deceived and hounded Mordy, who shared a video of his experience on TikTok.

As Mordy saunters through the hotel, crowds of people quickly take notice before following him through the halls, stalking him like prey for selfies. As the TikToker quickens his pace, dozens of “fans” are seen literally running after him, abandoning their sense of boundaries as they throw their phones in his face.

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