December 5, 2023
Cookie Monsta's First Posthumous Single Battles Against Destructive Self-Talk: Listen to "I'm Delighted" -

It’s been nearly two years to the day that we said goodbye to Cookie Monsta, and even today his legacy continues to carry the torch of bass music forward. 

A new record from Cookie Monsta arrived today by way of his home at Circus Records. Titled “I’m Delighted,” the track is his first posthumous release and it’s a collaboration with longtime friends Flux Pavilion and Koven.

The song features larger-than-life production from the formidable assembly of artists, enveloping Koven’s heart-wrenching vocals in a sea of voluminous chords and soaring leads. The lyrics dig deep into the psyche innate in every human, putting the timeless struggle to quash destructive self-talk into words that few could so eloquently express.

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