February 23, 2024
Cole Swindell's '3 Feet Tall' Explores The Heartfelt Perspective Of A Child of Divorce

“Music is so powerful and I feel like this song is just special,” Swindell shares.

Cole Swindell is shedding light on the challenging realities faced by children in divorced households through his just-released new single, “3 Feet Tall.” 

What Is “3 Feet Tall” About?

Co-written by Trey Lewis, Trannie Anderson, and Jordan Walker, “3 Feet Tall” tells the emotional story of a young boy reminiscing about his parents divorce. Through the powerful lyrics, he recalls the moment they “signed a stack of papers,” and admits he didn’t fully comprehend what was happening until they got home and found that all of his father’s things were in a U-Haul out front. 

The chorus highlights a common question children who are products of divorced homes often grapple with: was this all my fault? It also points out that although children may not completely understand what’s happening around them, they sense that things might not be alright. 

Cole Swindell -3 feet Tall

“There’s a lot I don’t remember, but that cryin’ down the hall/ Had a way of makin’ me wonder maybe it was all my fault/ I got stuck in the middle of weekends and holidays/ And my suitcase was too little to carry all that weight/ I might not have understood it all/ But, not everythin’ goes over your head even when you’re three feet tall,” the Georgia native sings. 

Were Cole Swindell’s Parents Divorced?

This song especially hits differently for listeners who have lived through a divorce, including Swindell. According to CMT, the country hitmaker was just 11 years old when his parents, Carol Rainey and William Swindell, divorced. Swindell may not have had a hand in writing the song, but he has a deep connection to the storyline and it’s evident through his heartfelt delivery of the lyrics.  

“Songs like these are why I feel in love with country music in the first place,” Swindell explained in a social media post on Friday morning (Dec. 1). “For all of you out there that have lived it in any way, I’m here for you. I’ve been there too. Music is so powerful and I feel like this song is just special. I hope it hits a few of you out there like it does me. Love y’all.” 

The release of the song was paired with a lyric video that subtly brings the storyline to life. Click below to watch.  

Watch The Powerful Lyric Video

YouTube video

Throughout his 10-year career, Cole Swindell has released his fair share of barnburners and party anthems, but he truly shines on hard-hitting tracks like this one. Much like his 2015 chart-topper “You Should Be Here,” “3 Feet Tall” will go down as one of the most important songs Cole Swindell has ever released. 

Song Of The Year Material

When award season rolls around, look for this one to be a Song of the Year contender. Lewis, Anderson, and Walker deserve recognition for crafting such an extraordinary song. 

“3 Feet Tall” is the lead single from the 40-year-old’s forthcoming, yet-to-be-announced fifth studio album. That project will serve as the follow-up to his wildly successful Stereotype album, which spawned the multi-week, ACM Award-winning “She Had Me At Heads Carolina,” as well as the chart-topping hits “Never Say Never” (with Lainey Wilson) and “Single Saturday Night.” 

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