February 26, 2024
COFRESI Press Shot 2023

COFRESI pushes his sound even further with “I’m Not,” the melodic lead single off his forthcoming EP, AGENDA.

Chicago-based DJ and producer COFRESI has been no stranger to experimenting with his energetic sound, and his background in percussion has shown through his one-of-a-kind production. He brings a distinct quality to each of his tracks and has captivated fans and tastemakers alike since making his debut in the scene, while further adding to his legacy with sets at festivals including Electric Forest, EDC Mexico, and plenty more.

COFRESI’s newest single, “I’m Not,” is the first off his forthcoming EP, AGENDA, which is set for release on April 6. This track blends glitchy synths and chopped vocals paired with a melodic backbeat bringing you into a digital soundscape. The resounding vocals radiate throughout the track as he focuses on a rolling beat and hard-hitting drums. It ebbs and flows from the electrifying rhythm that begins the song to the same rhythm that fades out to end it. The dynamic basslines and flute undertones bring a unique element into the piece, giving listeners a taste of what the rest of the EP will sound like.

At its core, this song encapsulates the dichotomy of struggle amidst the beauty in life. It provides a breath of fresh air in contrast to the madness of the world and our lives at times. In a way, I made this tune so that people can either resonate with the positive aspects & melodies or dive into the deeper context and meanings of the song.


COFRESI paired the release of “I’m Not” with a visually pleasing music video. It follows various people dancing throughout different locations as trippy elements are added throughout, giving it an otherworldly nature that pairs perfectly with his modern, experimental bass sound. Check out the music video for “I’m Not” on YouTube or listen to it on your favorite streaming platform, and follow COFRESI for future releases ahead of AGENDA‘s release.

Watch the Official Music Video for COFRESI’s “I’m Not” on YouTube:


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