February 21, 2024
Cobra Spell unleash video for new single “Warrior From Hell” from latest album ‘666’

Cobra Spell unleash video for new single “Warrior From Hell” from latest album ‘666’

Cobra Spell consisting of Kristina Vega (lead vocals), Sonia Anubis (guitars, synthesizers), Noelle dos Anjos (guitars), Roxy Herrera (bass) and Hale Naphtha (drums) have unveiled a video for their latest single “Warrior From Hell” from their new album 666, which was just released via Napalm Records on December 1, 2023.

Track List for 666:
01. 666
02. S.E.X.
03. Satan Is A Woman
04. Hotline 666
05. Bad Girl Crew
06. The Devil Inside of Me
07. Fly Away
08. Love = Love
09. Love Crime
10. Warrior From Hell
11. You’re A Cheater
12. High On Love

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Cobra Spell‘s prior EP Anthems of The Night, which was released on March 31, 2022 but which featured an entirely different line-up except for Anubis:

“I love when I hear a song from a band that I don’t know (or at least that I thought that I didn’t know — more on that later in this review) that gets me so excited that I end up purchasing their entire discography. This is what occurred when I heard Cobra Spell‘s new single “Addicted To The Night.” From the track’s opening chords to the fantastic vocals from singer Alexx Panza to the great melodies, I was hooked. I knew from the press release that I received that Cobra Spell were about to release a four-song EP Anthems of The Night so I checked out their website and the band had released a prior EP titled Love Venom. I purchased those two EPs very quickly and I have been listening to the Anthems of The Night EP ever since the CD arrived in the mail (old school baby!).”

Cobra Spell‘s “Warrior From Hell” video:

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