April 14, 2024


This is the first time I heard Elisa Mammoliti singing solo in Clay Joule’s song, her luscious, delightful voice on a song which made it happened at the Truwan Studio. On this occasion, she is only the centre of attention that undoubtedly her time to shine, and it certainly does.

Elisa, a trained vocalist and actress who has performed in musical theatre, opera, and multi-media shows, lends elegance and finesse to the modern rock style that “Ricordi” embodies. This song stands out from the crowd because it combines the heft of rock with the grace and majesty that are typical of the musical theatre genre.

Boasting a soothing, compelling voice constitutes only part the equation; the music that serves as her foundation is just as skilled and nuanced as Clay Joule’ lyrics, These two arists are making as a total package that is hard to beat. Under the attentive ear of Joule, there is a warp that uniting such musicianship which backing her up, when it would be all too simple to throw excessively towards making it, too tempting to over-egg the musical pie that is. It is just perfect in taste.

A melodic mesh holds the whole thing together, consisting of roomy percussion that are eager to serve the song, bass lines that pulse and punctuate neatly, and waves of rhythmic guitars. Even electric guitar soloist Alex Gusinsky is delighted with creating tasteful moments and motifs, modest phrases and chiming, and quite lovely, interludes that accomplish just enough rather than disrupt the flow by overplaying it. A truly exceptional performer never feels the need to boast about their musical skills.

Obviously, Elisa’s singing is the main attraction. Her performance is flawlessly controlled with incredible emotive, making it ideal for a song about the past. Remembering a love that didn’t last, a romance that ended perhaps too soon, can bring up bittersweet reflections. Without saying explicitly enough, the song implies that somehow either of the characters in the story and the focus of her former affections still wonders what they could’ve been otherwise. But all that with an open-heart. That is what amazes me about Joule’s poetic skill and his musicianship.

Lyrically, the song encompasses contemplation and joy, nostalgia and a touch of regret for what may have happened. And Elisa’s voice brilliantly portrays all of those contrasting emotions.

It’s a brilliant piece of work, on par with what we’ve come to expect from Clay Joule and the rest of the Truwan Studio squad. What they’ve done is nothing short of astounding; they’ve succeeded to take all the bravado and excess of rock and turn it into something incredibly delicate, transforming the genre’s energy into soothing anthemics, its muscle into calm melody, and its bombast into beatific beauty. It’s a rare talent to be able to channel all that energy and funnel it into grace and drama. This is, unquestionably an unusual talent.

In Ricordi, the groove is swapped out for ambient grace and the drive is replaced by delicacy, making it a rock song with a classical heart. The instruments used may be very much from the classic rock but the way that they are used is more like the way a symphonic, classical, or orchestral ensemble would put themselves collectively if their goal was to create something spacious yet ornate.

As recent releases have made clear, Clay Joule & Truwan Studio is making more outstanding work nonstop with great flow. I can confirm that their clear devotion of making music and artists more appealing and extraordinary for the sake of motivating the world. It is a great mission I must say.

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