September 21, 2023

Listening to “Crazy,” the latest single from Clay Joule & Elisa Mammoliti, for the first time, I couldn’t help but think of that famous quote from Jimmy Hendrix”

“You have to go on and be CRAZY. Craziness is like heaven”

Jimmy Hendrix

With the help of Elisa Mammoliti, Clay Joule never lacks for commentary. The content is often intense and emotional, profound and potent; nonetheless, the tone is lighthearted and playful. A eulogy for those who have taken the unpopular path in life and succeeded.

The music is a perfect complement to the text. It has a catchy pop rhythm, humorous asides and behind the door joke, and a boundless amount of energy that borders on bliss. However, it is not your typical daily twinkle pop tune but a unique master track and it is a good portion due to Elisa Mammoliti’s contribution with her vocal. She counteracts the Joule’s powerful masculine voice with hazy harmonies, operatic crescendos, and gentle spoken word weaved beautifully. The song’s superb dynamics were made possible by the male and female vocalists within a compelling dynamic.

When watch Crazy’s music video, the closing remark is an indecorous but humorous burp which shows a carefree nature in our living. In the last minute on the track, it has more driving guitars that provide sinew to the melody as well as various unusual interludes like the NASA rocket lunch countdowns, piano keyboard madness, rocket take off explosions, bubble bursting, and the film quality sound effects which made this single a remarkable piece of work. You’re helplessly in the face of the song’s pop-rock magnificence as soaring guitar solos and infectious dance rhythms compel you to get up and start shaking your whole body no matter where are you’re situated.

Clay Joule has established himself as an artist to keep our attention to his newest and nonstop surprises to his fans and critics. Unlike other artists, he isn’t afraid to experiment creatively or break the rules of a single genre limitation. Such effort ensured to stay away from the common problem of boredom that most artists faced; “Crazy” is proof once again that Joule can write in any style and produce something that sounds profound or “crazy” to the mass.

This song is made for a purpose and it is significant enough for you to listen and acknowledge. A reminder to “Stop Phubbing & Stay Crazy,” as sung by the artist.

As Joule puts it:

I am crazy for my own immunity.”

And that safeguards him from losing his mind over this new social problem we are all facing. It’s good to be a little bit crazy cos people who are crazy are often seen as happy, liberated, and boundless. In contrast, ones however, put their virtual social lives on their smartphones above their real-life relationships are mostly insane.

The term “phubbing” refers to the rude act of ignoring or snubbing a person face-to-face while preoccupied on a smartphone. Despite the fact that the phrase “phubbing” is not common use, but 51% of Americans in committed relationships report that their partner is regularly or sometimes distracted by their phone during discussions, and 40% of those people find this annoying and hopeless.What Americans think about phone interruptions has an influence on their relationships with close friends and family? It sure sure makes things worse.

There is so little we can do about Phubbing. To raise awareness of the social and emotional trouble we all face, CRAZY- was released to remind 5.22 billion smartphone users in the world to stop phubbing.

Once again, Elisa Mammoliti, a musical theatrical vocalist with a endearing voice, was invited into Truwan Studio to make CRAZY into a compelling performance.

Have a listen to Joule’s CRAZY single and watch this CRAZY music video:



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