December 2, 2023
Cityfox Transcend Wrapped Up The Brooklyn Mirage's Season with Magical Performances

Cityfox Transcend brought The Brooklyn Mirage’s season to a close with pure musical bliss despite delays and unforeseen weather circumstances.

Cityfox helped usher in the closing of The Brooklyn Mirage‘s season this year with the Cityfox: Transcend Festival at the now-iconic East Williamsburg venue. This year’s event boasted of an incredible mix of DJ and live sets that make it a challenge to talk about all of them. When it comes to an outdoor venue, unpredictable weather has predominantly been a routine concern for festivals and events. As it was, the fall season launched into full gear pretty quickly in October, which meant that the bitter rain and cold took over the entire weekend, to the slight disappointment of the crowd.

While the drizzle subsided partially on Saturday, the further drop in temperature on Sunday saw the venue sparsed in attendance at the start. Set times had to be adjusted and delayed with multiple announcements across social media calling the attendees to join in the fun despite the awful weather. Sensing that many ticket holders were absent, Cityfox offered additional free tickets to kick off the second day of festivities. However, small crowds started to form, with Cityfox also dishing out ponchos upon entry. Slowly but surely, the mood on Sunday built up steadily, making it clear the inclement weather was not going to dampen any spirits.

Melodic house maestro Ben Böhmer is no stranger to the Brooklyn Mirage, and his return to the main stage on the first night was a highlight for many in attendance.

Performing a perfect mix of nostalgic tones and trance melodies that are beautifully amplified by his signature sound, Ben Böhmer sent the crowd into a high intensity for the entirety of the 90-minute set. The venue and majestic stage were ideal to complement his fine musical production. From aesthetically pleasing 3D video projection mapping technology to the grand, immersive audio displays, Ben Böhmer stirred up the dance floor with his seductive records and house cuts like “Breathing,” “Purple Line,” and “Beyond Beliefs.”

Photo Credit: Bryan Kwon Photos

Spencer Brown’s captivating performance on the main stage was another notable one, as he delivered a blissful two-hour sonic voyage.

As the occasional gusts of wind blew through to send shivers every few minutes, Spencer Brown’s masterful blend of melody and groove conjured up an intoxicating atmosphere that lit up the crowd, providing a comforting sense of energy that was heartwarming. An outstanding moment was recorded when he fired up “Phases” against stunning 3D visuals of red and blue angular lasers to illuminate a psychedelic wave of ecstasy.

In another of the most highly anticipated performances in the festival, Maceo Plex took the stage with a b2b performance with Avision. Together, they injected phenomenal energy and took the BPM up another gear through a collection of grandiose sounds. Maceo Plex’s dark and introspective techno direction provides complementing energy to Avision’s cutting-edge club production. The two powerhouses combined their invigorating mastery to create a deep sonic force, leaving the carefree crowd thoroughly engrossed in their grooves without minding the rain that continued to bat down.

Maceo Plex b2b Avision at Cityfox Transcend 2022
Photo Credits: Chris Lavado

The DJs in the King’s Hall put their prowess behind the decks on display to kick things up a notch.

Over at the King’s Hall, Luttrell provided a divine backdrop of his signature indie-laced house and techno production that beamed down high energy and hard-hitting beats of all kinds to close out the Gray Area takeover on Sunday night. Sonically, his exuberant yet gritty delivery of the two-hour set gifted the crowd an out-of-this-world experience against the flashing stage design and futuristic glowing lights. Unleashing his top favorite tracks like “After All” and “Twin Souls,” the unmistakable dreamy soundscape paired with plenty of club resonance saw Luttrell delivering a fireplace-type atmosphere to the dance floor.

Photo Credit: Chris Lavado

At the end of the biggest closing party that Cityfox has put together this year, it is safe to say that the two-day event was truly magical

This edition of Cityfox: Transcend was a house and techno experience that stood apart like no other. Despite the unforeseen weather circumstances, the beloved promoters continued to deliver its best sensory and immersive experience for the attendees and made it two nights that attendees won’t soon forget. The crowd undoubtedly left with a tingling sense of warmth that they’ll be able to carry with them as the temperatures continue to drop in New York with the onset of fall and winter.

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