June 2, 2023
Chris Lake x Aluna

Chris Lake and Aluna had never joined forces in the studio – until now. Listen to their stunning track “Beggin’” and get to groovin’.

What happens when two behemoths in the house music scene collide? Something magical, of course. That’s exactly what just happened when beloved songstress Aluna made her way to Chris Lake’s Black Book Studios. These two artists have become renowned for their captivating releases and performances over the years – Chris Lake consistently delivers powerful house grooves that have made crowds dance their hearts out, while Aluna has stirred emotions with her strong songwriting.

Sparks clearly flew in the studio when they began producing something fresh and exciting for their fans to feast their ears on – and the result is “Beggin’.” “I’ve never worked with Aluna before. Now having worked with her, I’m just blown away by how talented she is,” Chris Lake said on Instagram. “There is also something about her voice that is just so rewarding to work with and make beats with and around. It’s some of the most fun I’ve had making a beat in years.”

“Beggin’” places you directly in the middle of the battle that happens between your heart and mind when you’re falling in love with someone, and they become your biggest weakness. And there’s everything a house music lover could fall for in this track as well, from the sultry yet mischievous vocals from Aluna wrapping their finger around your soul to the bumping bassline that will have your body swaying along with it. This cautionary tale is an absolute vibe and an immediate addition to your summer playlists, so make sure to give it a spin.

Listen to “Beggin’” on your preferred platform, check out the official visualizer on YouTube, and get in a groove with Chris Lake at Coachella when he performs with FISHER on Sunday.

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