June 4, 2023

Chee delivers a dose of his unique bass sound with “Rusty Nickels,” the first single off his upcoming EP that’s due out on Deadbeats!

Chee has quickly become a major trailblazer in the bass music scene, and anyone who disagrees might need to take a lesson on innovation. Over the years, he has been working hard to perfect his craft and succeeded with flying colors. His multi-genre production skills have caught the attention of all who listen, including well-known tastemakers Noisia, and it isn’t hard to understand why, especially once you put on his releases that have landed on labels like Bassrush Records, Deadbeats, and Cyclops Recordings.

Fans lost their minds when Chee ended the year with the anthem “Act Like You Know” – which has been continuously added to playlists worldwide. Luckily for fans, this South African artist was eager to share the wealth once more and announced there are new songs to obsess over in the near future. Today, he dropped his latest track, “Rusty Nickels,” along with news of his forthcoming EP on Deadbeats that is set to follow in late April.

Chee’s mastery shines through once more with “Rusty Nickels.” He lays out an easy path to follow when the song starts that then catapults you into a glitchy electronic shockwave. The contrast of oxidized sounds is impressive and adds another tally to his mind-bending abilities, and his progressive mindset is present throughout the entire runtime as he lays the red carpet out for what is yet to come.

It’s Chee’s world, and we are just lucky enough to be alive at the same time to witness the genius at work. Listen to “Rusty Nickels” on your preferred streaming service, and follow him on social media for details on when the rest of his EP will drop!

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