April 24, 2024
Check Out Lorna Shore's Will Ramos Talking About His Love of Longboarding


When he’s not absolutely destroying it on stage or in the recording booth, Lorna Shore‘s Will Ramos seems like your typical 20-something.

In addition to his love of crushingly heavy music and producing some of the meanest vocals out there, he’s a big fan of going outside and cruising along on his longboard. Our friends over at Metal Injection got to catch up with Ramos to talk about his love of longboarding, finding the “flow” of riding his board, and how he transitioned from skateboarding to longboarding.

Looking back, who didn’t love doing semi-dangerous shit as a kid? Might as well enjoy the hobby while you can before the inevitable march of time takes your joints from you and you begin to wonder how the fuck you even did that kind of stuff in the first place.

…not that the topic hits close to home or anything…

Anyways, be sure to check out the video below. It’s a pretty cool look at one of metal’s fastest rising stars.


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