October 4, 2023

We’ve recently done an interview with a French artist François Fougère, you can check the whole interview here.

François Fougère began to write his songs in the 70’s. In 1976, he met France Gall & Michel Berger. In 1983, he began to sing on Radios. In 1989, he began to work with a computer. In 1992, he uses an expander to play his music. 1998, first Home Studio. 2008 second and profesional Home Studio. From 2014, he releases several Singles and an Album

In fact he released 3 albums in the meantime, he first is : Daylight – he wrote it for Tassivi Tobias who has been the Very First Lady Singer of Gospel in Togoland. 
The second Album is : People in my Life (Des Gens dans ma Vie)  – A kind of compilation with English and French Songs.
And the Third Album is called: Elegance
At the beginning, Daylight is a French song I wrote in 2000 : ‘Lumière’ – I began to work with Tassivi Tobias in November 2012 – Even though she stopped her career, she appreciated very much the Album I proposed her. We’ve been working on it in 2013 and 2014, and I released it in december 2014. At the beginning, I wanted a second English Album for her : Elegance … but she didn’t want to continue … As I wrote : Elegance for myself, at first, I decided to release it myself later. The fact of having met Colleen Stewart encouraged me a lot to do it ! ! ! And now, Colleen wants to work with me ! ! ! It’s a Big Honor and a Great Joy ! ! ! 
I dedicated this Album to various people I met … Jocelyne Béroard (from Kassav) Lucette (Our English Cousin who was an Art Painter -1921-2010) Carlos Montalvo (International / Porto Rican Actor) Ben (Alain Debernardi – A Lifeguard Chief – 2003) Un peu de sable (A Little Sand on : Elegance) is dedicated to Laurent Voulzy
François has also released a CD for Elegance, and you can purchase it here

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