March 29, 2023
CHASTAIN Release The Reign Of leather II Compilation

Chastain and vocalist Leather Leone have been a force in metal for over 30 years and The Reign Of Leather II is the second album to chronicle the history of Leather’s vocals and songwriting. This album features all the tracks that Leather wrote the lyrics and melodies with David T. Chastain writing the music.

The band members on this album also include: Drummers Ken Mary (Alice Cooper, Flotsam and Jetsam), John Luke Hebert (King Diamond), and Stian Kristoffersen (Pagan’s Mind/Firewind). Bassists David Harbour (King Diamond), and Mike Skimmerhorn (CJSS).

Says guitarist David T. Chastain: “No doubt Leather has established herself as one of the best metal vocalists of all time. This collection of tracks presents a different side of the band with her additional input.”


“The Wicked Are Restless”

“Share Yourself With Me”

“Soldiers of the Flame”

“Not Much Breathing”

“I Am The Rain”

“The Mountain Whispers”

“Once Before”

“I Am Sin”

“Bleed Through Me” (alternate version)


“Catastrophic Heaven” (live)

“I Am Sin”

Chastain’s albums from Leather’s reign included on this release:

1987 – The 7th of Never

1988 – The Voice of the Cult

1990 – For Those Who Dare

2013 – Surrender To No One

2015 – We Bleed Metal

2017 – We Bleed Metal 17

2021 – 1321

The Reign Of Leather II is available via Leviathan Records here.

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