December 1, 2023
CHAD GRAY Says New MUDVAYNE Music Is 'Special'

In a recent conversation with Kris Peters from Australia’s Heavy, Chad Gray, the lead vocalist of MUDVAYNE, shed light on the ongoing songwriting process for their upcoming studio album. The metal band, which has recently reunited, hasn’t produced any new music since 2009, marking almost a decade and a half of silence on the new music front from MUDVAYNE.

Chad said: “We’ve started putting some new stuff together a little bit and people that have heard stuff are really excited about it. Only the people that are closest to us have heard anything, and, like I said, it’s really rough; it’s demos. But you can tell it’s special. And I think that we have to make sure it’s MUDVAYNE. We have to make sure that it’s what we want. So we’ll just have to see. We were working on it, working on it, working on it a little bit here and there.

“We all live states away from each other — nobody lives even close to each other — so it makes it a little bit difficult,” he continued. “But we were able to get some stuff demoed up or whatever, but with us being so far apart, it’s a little slow going. And then we just kind of hit a wall. We were, like, ‘Okay, we’ve gotta get back into touring.’ So we put everything together and we went back out this summer.

“We’ll see what this fall brings. We all just got home [at the end of August], so we’re still kind of decompressing. I’m feeling pretty good now. We just put everything on hold and we just wanted to focus on touring. But now that we’re done with it, as everybody starts raising their head out of the sand, hopefully we can get together and do something. I don’t know — maybe we’ll have something new by the time we come down there [to Australia in February 2024] and see you. We’ll see.”

MUDVAYNE announced their reunion in April 2021, marking their return to music after being apart since 2009. This marked the first time they were back together in 12 years, and they performed live at the 2021 Inkcarceration Music & Tattoo Festival, which took place at the Ohio State Reformatory.

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