April 14, 2024
Carrie Underwood Surprises With New Breakup Anthem, 'Out Of That Truck'

This is Underwood’s first “truck” song and she says it was “inevitable.”

Carrie Underwood delivered a present to her fans on her 40th birthday with the surprise release of the brand-new track, “Out Of That Truck.” 

Co-written by Underwood alongside David Garcia and Lydia Vaughn, “Out Of That Truck” isn’t your typical truck song. The breakup anthem puts the superstar’s powerhouse vocals at the forefront as she sends a message to her ex. 

Throughout the lyrics, Underwood warns her past lover that memories of her won’t be quick to fade away. In fact, she says there’s “so much of me left I bet you must get déja vu.”

Carrie Underwood – Out Of That Truck

It’s Her First “Truck” Song

“When you’re runnin’ around in that stick shift Chevy/ I bet it drives you crazy/ Thinking about us on every/ Other back road, baby/ You got someone new on your bench seat/ Trying to forget me lately/ But my memory’s stuck/ So good luck/ Trying to get me out of that truck,” she sings on the guitar-heavy chorus.    

This is Underwood’s first release since dropping her Denim & Rhinestones album last summer and the first “truck” song of her career. 

“It was inevitable, I guess. I knew someday I’d have a truck song [and] that I wasn’t wrecking it,” Underwood joked in a clip shared on her Twitter. 

Underwood Co-Wrote And Co-Produced The Song

Of co-writing the song, the Oklahoma native shared, “We just kind of went in and it was like having this memory/nostalgic kind of song, where it’s like you kind of can’t get over somebody, but it’s because of all the physical marks that you left in a space, being a truck.”  

In addition to co-writing “Out Of That Truck,” Underwood also co-produced alongside Garcia. She said she wanted to incorporate her love for rock music within the production. 

“I feel like musically we wanted ‘Out Of That Truck’ just to feel like… I’m going to use the word rock super loosely, but we wanted it to be like driving and kind of guitar-heavy. I mean, it’s not an aggressive song at all. So we didn’t want to push it there but just wanted it to move and have some energy and have an affinity for guitars,” she explained. “It’s kind of just one of those wanting it to take you somewhere and you can sing along with it. It’s just kind of a cool vibe. Just trying to do country truck songs in a different kind of way, just wanting it to be moving and kind of a tempo song.”


Wildly Successful Tour

Underwood is currently in the midst of her headlining Denim & Rhinestones Tour, which features support from Jimmie Allen. 

The trek kicked off on Saturday, October 15, 2022, in Greenville, South Carolina, and currently runs through March 17, when the tour will wrap in Seattle, Washington.

Underwood’s tour comes in support of her latest record, Denim & Rhinestones, which arrived on June 10, 2022, via Capitol Records Nashville. The 12-track project features her latest single “Hate My Heart,” the project’s lead single “Ghost Story,” as well as fan-favorite tracks such as “Pink Champagne,” “Crazy Angels,” and “Velvet Heartbreak.”

Carrie Underwood; Photo by Jeff Johnson
Carrie Underwood; Photo by Jeff Johnson

Return To Vegas

Following the trek, Underwood will return to Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas for her residency in the Summer of 2023.

Underwood recently added 18 new shows to her REFLECTION: The Vegas Residency, which will begin on June 21, 2023.

“I’m thrilled to be returning to Resorts World Las Vegas next summer,” says Underwood. “REFLECTION is a show I’m so proud of and have so much fun performing. I love being out on the road with THE DENIM & RHINESTONES TOUR and look forward to returning to Vegas once that wraps, as it has become our home away from home where we get to play to audiences from all over the world.”

Carrie Underwood’s next scheduled tour date is set for Saturday, March 11 in Glendale, Arizona. 

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