March 30, 2023
Cardi B Net Worth Became A Twitter Discussion

Today Cardi B made headlines when she responded to a tweet hinting at her massive net worth. And it is pretty impressive.

The holiday season brings about all types of pronouncements. Today a pronouncement by Cardi B, known as Belcalis Almanzar Cephus, had her trending.

What Led To The Pronouncement

Cardi received many likes when she tweeted about the recession and wished her followers happy holidays.

However, one tweeter was unimpressed with the post responding with a snarky comeback. While many would have let the comment roll off their back, not Cardi.

Cardi Clears Things Up

Considering the context of Cardi’s response, she clearly felt the need to clear things up. And while this may seem like a smug retort, Cardi’s response clarified that her earnings resulted from hard work and strategy; it was not incidental or accidental. 

Cardi B ended by explaining that despite her massive net worth, it could be lost. And some other folks agreed.

Looking At Cardi B’s Money Moves

In 2021 InStyle reported that Belcalis had already amassed about $ 40 million. The article went on to list an array of investments that have attributed to the performer’s wealth. Her portfolio is diverse. 

While some may feign shock at the confession, Becalis’s success is no secret. She has never been one to hide how hard she hustles and how money has always directed her movements.

Tasteless Or Plain Truth?

Some may find Cardi’s statements tasteless, as it is not proper to boast of one’s earnings. And it is especially frowned upon when it seems to be done in the context of comparison. However, in such a case, Cardi is not boasting but ensuring all the facts are on the table. And her response points to the insanity of disparaging replies based on limited information or understanding.

Accumulation of money does not shield one from the issues of life. And it doesn’t prevent one from honestly speaking on the facts. A fact is a fact regardless of how it impacts the messenger. Besides, Cardi doesn’t merely horde her wealth. The press recently featured her generous donation to a former alma mater, where she reportedly gave $100,000 towards the schools after school programs.

So she reserves the right to speak as she wishes. But in the same vein, people can voice how they feel.

Let’s chalk this up to new information gained. At least the public knows a little more about Cardi, thanks to social media volleying. And new knowledge is never a bad thing.

Written By: Renae Richardson

Edited By: Nikita Serdiuk

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