March 2, 2024
Cam'ron Talk Show Announced

Cam’ron (Cameron Ezike Giles) has been doing some big things and continues expanding his portfolio. Recently, the multi-media personality announced his newest venture. And he’s got a big boast behind it. 

Cam’ron And His Many Hats

Some know Cam’ron for his skills behind the mic. He’s been demonstrating his talents since 1994 and has many projects under his belt, with the most current of his hip-hop projects, “Crime Pays,” released in 2009. Some know Cam’ron as the Diplomats founder, also called Dipset. Yet, others know him for acting more specifically for his role in “Paid in Full.”

Lately, Cam’ron has been solidifying his presence via the broadcast medium. Currently, he can be found as the host of a sports talk show; It Is What It Is. But now, he is exploring a new platform to broaden his reach. Cam’ron will soon sit in the advisor seat in a new talk show entitled Come and Talk To Me.

The New Announcement

Cam’ron had been dropping hints about his current show, It Is What It Is, since back in December. He generated such a buzz about the series that his first episode gained massive traction. It is reported that in 3 weeks alone, Cam’ron’s new show amassed 150,000 views. This time around, he announced his upcoming show from his current show. And he has a big boast. According to the multi-media personality, he intends to put Dr. Phil out of work. In his words, 

“I’m taking Dr. Phil and them n-ggas outta here. Dr. Phil, y’all n-ggas’ days are numbered!

And given Dr. Phil’s longevity, that is big talk. 

The Premise Of Come And Talk To Me

Cam’ron’s newest talk show pursuit is being promoted as an in-your-face series. Cam’ron will give real advice to real people with no holds-backs. He plans to tell his inquirers straight truth with no chaser. He notes,

“Imma tell ’em the real advice they need to hear… You be talkin’ bout your girl crazy and all this crazy s***, but be coming home at 5, 6, 7, 8 o’clock in the morning every morning.”

It sounds like he’s about to dispense some bitter medicine. 


While no one will know what to expect until it airs, it certainly seems intriguing. And most can agree that Cam’ron knows how to market himself. Will he put Dr. Phil out of business? That is yet to be seen and, indeed, something to keep tabs on. 

Written by Renae Richardson

Edited by Nikita Serdiuk

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