February 27, 2024
Alice Cooper in London, June 1972

In the early 1960s an art teacher called Mary Whitehouse decided to reinvent herself as Britain’s moral conscience. Horrified and repulsed by what she saw as the creeping erosion of Great British White Christian Values by rogue elements pushing for a dangerous, God-less, ‘permissive society’, first she came for the gays, then the BBC’s “filth”, then… well, almost everything else, as by the early ’70s pretty much all art, culture and media racier than Songs Of Praise seemed to trigger her highly-sensitive outrage meter. Doctor Who was teaching children how to make explosives! Play For Today showed a buttock! A black man is on the wireless singing about his ‘Ding-A-Ling‘! The country is going to Hell.

In 1972, Whitehouse set her gaze upon a new moral scourge, a demon in human form from The Land Of The Free: its name was Alice Cooper.

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