March 23, 2023
Bush group shot

In 30 years, Bush have sold more than 20 million albums. The first of those, Sixteen Stone, went platinum six times in The US. The follow-up debuted at #1 and featured Swallowed, a hit than even bigger than Machinehead and Everything Zen, just two of the chart-busters from the debut.  

In more recent times their songs have generated over a billion streams, and this year’s The Art of Survival album shows that the ideas are still percolating and the tank isn’t in any danger of running low on gas.  

Here, then, are 10 of the best songs from the band who plucked the grunge template from deep in the Seattle murk and gave it a bright London polish.  


Everything Zen
The opener of Bush’s multimillionselling debut Sixteen Stone couldn’t have been a better intro to the quartet, with its mix of disaffected vocals, urgent rhythms and clanging guitars. Minus points for use of ‘asshole’, though – come on, Gav, you’re from West London! 

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