December 3, 2023
Burton C. Bell's Upcoming Solo Tour Will Feature a Lot of Fear Factory

He may have quit the band back in 2020 and no longer feels the need to be associated with Fear Factory, but that’s not going to stop Burton C. Bell from revisiting some of his old tunes when he goes out on a solo tour sometime in the near future.

While chatting on a recent episode of the podcast Home is Where the Dark Is, Bell said his upcoming, albeit currently unannounced, solo tour will include several songs from his time in the influential industrial metal band.

“People will hear those again. When I get back on the road, I’ll be playing… I’m proud of 99 percent of the songs we did [with] Fear Factory. Not every song is a winner, but I’m proud of all the work I did with Fear Factory, The Watchers, GZR, City Of Fire, Ministry, Hateface. There’s all these bands I’ve been part of.

“So when I go on the road, I will be playing music from all of these bands. Obviously, a lot from Fear Factory, ’cause I got 30 years of that. But it’s not gonna be all about Fear Factory. It’s gonna be Fear Factory, Watchers, classic GZR, City Of Fire — just do all of it. It’s gonna be fun. And I’m jamming with some guys right now. We’re working on it and making those steps to make that happen.”

During his time on the show, Bell said that rather than letting his rocky exit from Fear Factory discourage his musical endeavors, he’s gone on to make music on his own. He’s also dabbled in more visual arts as well, having recently opened up a gallery of his work down in Florida.

“I’ve had a lot of incredible ups in my career, a lot of incredible high points. I’ve had some devastatingly low points. But for me, this is all I wanna do.

“I consider myself an artist — multifaceted, but first and foremost I’m a musician; I’m a singer. So I wanna keep continuing that. I love performing on stage. I love being out in front of the crowd. I love the energy of the audience, and I miss it completely. I am making plans — I’m making steps to get back onstage.”

Bell left Fear Factory in 2020. He was formally replaced by Milo Silvestro earlier this year.

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