February 27, 2024
Bruce Kulick thinks KISS made the right choice by having Tommy Thayer become the Spaceman

Bruce Kulick thinks KISS made the right choice by having Tommy Thayer become the Spaceman

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Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick was recently interviewed by Eamon O’Neill for eonmusic.

Kulick was asked if he was disappointed that he wasn’t asked to wear the Spaceman make-up when things weren’t working out with Ace Frehley in KISS in 2002. Kulick replied:

“That’s a great question a lot of fans ask, and they’re a little confused about it, like, why wasn’t it me? When I knew that Ace was causing problems for them, I heard the rumblings from people I knew that were close to the band, and I was always wondering like, would they really ask me to become the Spaceman, but basically negating everything from my era because; I would then have to shoot rockets from my guitar; I would never play a whammy-bar solo in that outfit; I would then be playing Ace, maybe more note-for-note, something I never had to do. And I really think they made the right choice, knowing what they were trying to do, which was just trying to sell the characters and the make-up version of the band. By going with Tommy, it was no harm, no foul, there’s no connection to any era that wasn’t when they were doing the make-up. I was sad that I wouldn’t be in KISS, and somebody else would now be in KISS instead of the original guy.”

With respect to drummer Eric Singer becoming the Cat in KISS and donning Peter Criss‘ make-up, Kulick opined (with slight edits): “I think with Eric Singer, it was much more natural behind the kit. They did tell him; “No double bass drums, play it a little more meat and potatoes”, and then Eric sings real well, which helps out, because Peter sang. So, it was the right choice for them, but outside of me missing being in KISS, because that was something very much appropriate for the non-make-up years, me becoming the Spaceman I think would have been very awkward for me, and I think it would have almost stained my era.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Bruce Kulick at eonmusic‘s website.

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