March 31, 2023
Bruce Dickinson backstage at an Iron Maiden show

Iron Maiden wrapped up their absolutely epic Legacy Of The Beast tour in Tampa, Florida back in October, bringing to an end a touring cycle that first began all the way back in 2018. The Covid pandemic brought an untimely halt to Maiden’s touring plans, resulting in them putting out their first studio album in six years, 2021’s fabulous Senjutsu, before finally getting to hit the road again this year.

Now, the metal legends have posted the first in what appears to be a series of special Legacy Of The Beast behind the scenes videos, giving us a rare peek behind the curtain at one of the single biggest metal productions of the last few years. Our host for this special event? None other than Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson himself, who gives us a look inside his set-up for each Maiden show, including costume stages, props, and the bare essentials he has to have around him at all times when performing a show.

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