April 17, 2024
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BronxNetTV recently gifted the hip-hop community “Kwik2Rok.” It is a variety talk show that provides access to underground artists, who are keeping the legacy of hip-hop culture alive.

KWIKSTEP And La Roka Bring You “Kwik2Rok”

Hip-hop dancer and choreographer Gabriel “KWIKSTEP” Dionisio as well as street dancer Ana “La Roka” Rokafella Garcia have joined forces for the show. This as the genre honors its 50th annivesary this year.

Dionisio is a hip-hop dancer, choreographer, actor and artistic director from New York City. La Roka is a street dancer, artist, choreographer, vocalist, professor, actor and designer.

What Will The Show Consist Of?

The network says this series will showcase and celebrate hip-hop as an art form and culture. Kwik2Rok will consists of interviews, archival clips and performances. The genre was born in The Bronx, so it is only right they would create a show honoring it.

Creatives Rebuild New York

“BronxNet and CRNY {Creatives Rebuild New York} are supporting us as we expand from dance into TV production and giving us the opportunity to share our spotlight with our local hip hop community,” Garcia said in a local news outlet.

Creatives Rebuild New York has funded a total of nearly $50 million to support artists’ salaries and benefits. Also, topped that with an extra $11.7 million to fund the organizations holding employment. The show  is supported by an Artist Employment Program (AEP) grant from CRNY.

“The launch of Kwik2Rok on BronxNet TV is a perfect way for us to kick off the global celebrations for a half century of hip hop culture born in the Bronx,” reportedly said the network’s executive director — Michael Max Knobbe.

When Does The Show Air?

The first episode aired last Thursday. The guest was the inventor of “scratch” and the “needle drop” technique, Bronx-born Grand Wizard Theodore. The founder of KR3TS Dance Company Violeta Galagarza joined as well.

You can catch new episodes of Kwik2Rok every Thursday at 8 p.m. on BronxNet, which is channel 67 on Optimum and channel 2133 on Fios.

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