April 19, 2024
Brittany Renner


Popular Instagram model Brittany Renner is taking her cultural exploits to new heights with her latest partnership with Krystal’s “Side Chik” campaign.

Brittany Renner


American fast food chain Krystal, has appointed Instagram fitness influencer Brittney Renner as the new face for their new “Side Chik” chicken sandwich advertisement.

In addition, rapper 2 Chainz, who is a community activist, and hosts a podcast with his son called “Me & Halo,” will be the franchise’s creative marketing.

The rapper-turned-business mogul announced last month that he would be making changes to the menu and style of the fast food chain in a video on Twitter posted on Krystal’s official account.

Furthermore, Renner is a video vixen known for her romantic ties with popular rappers and athletes such as Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, and Colin Kaepernick

The “Side Chik” includes a selection of three crispy chicken sandwiches topped with savory sauces, cheeses, and bacon. 

As the ad unfolds, viewers can see the social media influencer, all dolled up, say the witty slogan:

 “tired of your main chick, get a side chik.”

Krystal fast food restaurant chain is located in the southeastern parts of the country and owned by the Fortress Investment Group.

The idea of “side chik” culture further promotes the toxicity in the rap community.

Many celebs are investing these days to get the extra bag. 

Rapper Cordae is now teaching his fans new skills through a new partnership with the mobile payment service Venmo

The DMV rapper is discussing more than rap lyrics these days, adding financial literacy and budgeting to his roster.


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