February 26, 2024
Breaking: Gesaffelstein May Have A New Album On The Way

Gesaffelstein has largely been quiet on the music production and performance front since 2019, but that dry spell could end soon as it was recently teased he may have an album on the way.

In a post on Instagram, Skrillex uploaded a picture of himself with GENER8ION and a fuzzy unknown figure that looks to be Gesaffelstein’s signature scruff.

But what truly has fans excited is the caption that reads “Gesaffelstein just played us his new album my gaaawd.”

Whether he is simply teasing is unclear as Gesaffelstein is not tagged in the post and has not commented as of the writing of this piece. But he has been absent from social media since 2020 when he played some of his last shows for his Requiem Tour.

Gesaffelstein is a legend in the electronic music world, having discovered techno at the age of 15 when heard Green Velvet’s “Flash.”

Since then, he’s best known for his stunningly simple production, dark innovative sound, and uncompromising collaborations with artists like The Weeknd. He was a pioneer of midtempo, leaning into the genre before it was defined with techno tracks like “Opr” and “Viol” in 2011.

No other information has been offered about this breaking piece of news, but you can check out Skrillex’s tease of Gesaffelstein’s new album below:

Featured image from Noiseporn, photo credit Ms Moonlight Arts 

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