March 2, 2024

Hello there! It’s a pleasure to talk to you about the incredibly talented musician, Flizzz. This rising star has been making waves in the music industry with his unique style and infectious beats. Flizzz is a true artist, crafting each of his songs with a great deal of care and passion, and it shows in his music.

One of the things that makes Flizzz so special is his ability to create music that is both catchy and meaningful. His lyrics often explore deep themes and emotions, while his melodies and rhythms have a way of getting stuck in your head for days on end. Whether you’re in the mood to dance or simply sit back and enjoy some great tunes, Flizzz has something for you.

In a world where so much music sounds the same, Flizzz stands out for his originality and creativity. He has a way of blending different genres and styles to create something truly unique and exciting. His music is sure to appeal to a wide range of listeners, from die-hard fans of hip-hop and R&B to those who simply appreciate great music.

With all of this in mind, we are excited to present our exclusive interview with Flizzz, where he talks about his inspirations, his creative process, and what the future holds for his music. So sit back, relax, and get ready to experience the magic of Flizzz.

Question- What first got you into music?

Answer- I’ve always had that passion to be creative very early on, it wasn’t until I was 19 when I really started writing genuine music after experiencing some troubles, heartbreak and trauma.

Question- How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Answer- I have a lot of different sounds I like to call them “characters”. I would say what I typically make is dark yet feel good music, It all depends on the mood I’m in at that point in time as I’m writing those songs.

Question- What is your creative process like?

Answer- Usually I start brainstorming what theme I should go and what type of voice and tone I want to use, I also try to look within and analyze what’s been going on lately in my life.

Question- Can you tell us a bit more about your favorite song and what inspired you to make it?

Answer- As of right now it’s “Reality Hit” for sure. It’s the the intro to my debut album Reality, Trippin’ and it speaks to me the most honestly I wanted to make it relatable in some sense but also let the world know the truth about it all that’s why I got personal in the album.

Question- What’s next for you?

Answer- As for what’s next, I’m currently working on my second album release date TBA. The first single of 2023 just released February 10th “What A Time” out now in all stores.

Artist Name: Flizzz

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