December 2, 2023
Boys Noize Confirms New Dog Blood Track With Skrillex "Very Soon" -

New Dog Blood music is on the horizon.

Boys Noize has revealed that he and Skrillex will be releasing a new single “very soon,” he told CULTR. Lucky fans were able to hear the record during one of the renowned electronic music producer’s recent live shows in Australia earlier this month.

“Sonny and I make a lot of music together,” he said. “We have a new single actually coming out very soon. ‘Skrillex and Boys Noize’—I will be playing it tonight.”

It’s been a decade since the advent of their collaborative alias and its first releases, “Next Order” and “Middle Finger.” After dropping Middle Finger Pt. 2 in 2013, the duo waited six years to release their next EP, 2019’s Turn Off The Lights.

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