September 23, 2023
Bob Rock and Metallica

Rock and metal mega-producer Bob Rock would know a thing or two about Metallica’s 90s era. He is, after all, the man they drafted in to help them evolve their sound into the stadium-friendly brand of heavy metal that’d make them the biggest band in the genre’s entire history.

After blowing up to unprecedented levels with 1991’s self-titled opus (AKA The Black Album) and its resulting tour cycle, the band reunited with Bob Rock for two divisive records that’d define the second half of that decade for them. Load, released in 1996, and follow-up album Reload, released in 1997, saw the Four Horsemen branch out more than ever before, with many fans delighting in brooding epics like Bleeding Me and The Outlow Torn, and others horrified at their dabbles with country, alt-rock and grunge.

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