December 2, 2023

Blossom has big things on the horizon. Before the year’s out, she has dropped her latest single, “On My Own,” which serves as the first release from her forthcoming EP. And as she finished up her dates supporting Alan Walker on tour, she has also announced her first headlining tour beginning in 2023.

The single marks a hard reset in the world of Blossom, she explains: “The world as we know it has ended and I’ve been reborn as the humanoid, Blossom, challenged to rebuild a world far away from the one we knew. Alone, I travel across the universe to find a new home, and during this adventure, I discover what it means to truly be on my own.

In this song, I explore the idea of alone-ness as the post-human Blossom, leaving behind the heartbreak and pain I experienced in the world before. ‘On My Own’ is an ode to the people I once loved and lost, and an exploration into who I must become in order to transition into who I’m destined to be.”

Check out the single below.

Blossom’s headline tour begins next year, January 20, in Los Angeles at Academy. You can find tickets and more info here.


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