September 26, 2023
Bloody Heels unveil video for track “The Velvet (Mellow Version)”

Bloody Heels unveil video for track “The Velvet (Mellow Version)”

Latvian rockers Bloody Heels consisting of frontman Vicky White, guitarist Harry Rivers and drummer Gus Hawk have dropped a video for their ‘Mellow Version’ of their track “The Velvet” which originates from their new studio album Rotten Romance, which was released via Frontiers Music Srl back on June 10, 2022.

The following message was posted on Bloody Heels‘ Facebook page earlier today:

“Hey everyone! Here’s something for y‘all! We’ve been a bit silent the past months mainly because we’re working on the new album and the departure of Gunn. We thought that this might be the best time to release ‘’The Velvet’’ mellow version and remind you all about us and show that we’re not gone and are working hard for our next release! Big news and announcements coming soon so stay alert!

In the meanwhile, we present you the music video for “The Velvet (Mellow Version)” –

Order/save/stream “The Velvet (Mellow Version)” here –

“’The Velvet (Mellow Version)’ is something spontaneous we came up with one day when we were recording the Rotten Romance album,” in a combined statement the band says. “We always felt strongly about the song and this version just gave it a breath of fresh air, especially because it’s quite different from anything else we’ve done before with all the synths and electronics. As we’re now going through changes and are currently working on the next album, we thought this was the perfect time to release the song and remind people about the band.”

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Vicky, Harry, Gus!”

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