April 13, 2024
Bleu Clair’s Creative Prowess Shines On Fresh EP, "New Age of House" - EDM.com

Delivering eclectic and infectious takes on house music, Bleu Clair is one of the genre’s most exciting trailblazers.

The buzzing tech house producer has finally unveiled his brand new EP, New Age of House. Released independently, Clair’s latest body of work effortlessly takes listeners on a journey through his unique take on the genre.

“Aura” (with Jargen) kicks off the EP with ethereal production and uplifting grooves before “Sand Dunes” and “Killer Bee” start exploring Clair’s darker production side. “Peanut Butter” (with DWWG) is filled with exciting moments, from its funky chords and vintage vocal samples to its infectious drum work and gritty basslines. “Love Capsule” completes the record with its groovy patterns, reinforcing Bleu Clair’s unfiltered artistic expression.

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