April 14, 2024
Blend Out with DIageo

In celebration of professionals who stand out amongst the crowd, BLEND OUT by Diageo recently hosted an event also featuring a panel discussion. “Multi-hyphenate creators led the panel.” And, it was a celebration befitting excellence and authenticity, uplifting the ideals of distinctiveness and individualism.”

BLEND OUT by Diageo: The Celebration

Image Source: BFA Photographer: Hannah Turner-Harts | BFA Editor: Keith Tiner

The centerpiece of this event was the panel discussion driven by a diverse body of consummate professionals and also creators from various industries. The panelists were Fashion Designer Phillip Lim, Cultural Architect Yvonne Guidry of “Spoiled Latina,” “HBCU Buzz” Luke Lawal Jr., entrepreneur and philanthropist, and Entrepreneur of “Ghetto Gastro, “Jon Gray. And each panelist represented an ideal, a demonstrative example of succeeding without sacrificing authenticity. And the illustrious and accomplished Janet Mock was the moderator.

The Experience

Blend Out by Diageo

Image Source: BFA Photographer: Hannah Turner-Harts | BFA Editor: Keith Tiner

It was a robust experience, the highlight being an engaging discussion. However, a BLEND OUT bar, delicious bites, and top-tier drinks were perfect complements. DJ Quiana Parks and DJ King Marie set the tone. Additional guests in attendance, Afrobeat’s star Young Paris, Romeo Hunt fashion designer, and artist Paulina Singer enjoyed tantalizing eats by Eat Okra. Finally, to the guest’s delight was the availability of various cocktails from top-of-the-line purveyors of spirits, CÎROC, Crown Royal, Tequila Don Julio, Johnnie Walker, and Seedlip.


As transcribers of a legacy and representatives of a culture with boundless reach, hip-hop celebrates authenticity. Fundamentally hip hop is about demonstrating the strength to stand in and express one’s power. As The Kennedy Center notes,

“Hip hop promotes taking control of their lives through self-knowledge and self-expression.”

And it is a courageous stance to step outside of the box and move as panelist moderator Janet Mock. As she shared after a question posed by a guest, her move to facilitate greater authenticity included “an initiative to organize a space where individuals can share their authentic stories.” That is empowerment.

BLEND OUT by Diageo and its panelists are pure representatives of those seeking to develop knowledge of self and fully maximize their creative potential by standing on principles. And doing so by being firm in one’s self-expression.

Written by Renae Richardson

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