March 2, 2024
Black Lives Matter Is A Scam According To Kanye West

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Kanye West had Twitter in an uproar when photos of him, edgeless conservative Candace Owens, and models in his surprise Paris Fashion Week show wore black shirts with “White Lives Matter” written on the back. In response to the backlash, Ye decided to double down on the stupidity by dissing Black Lives Matter.

The embattled multihyphenate had something to say about the backlash towards his “White Lives Matter” T-shirts. Taking to his favorite pulpit, Instagram stories, West called Black Lives Matter a scam and feels we should thank him for pointing that out.

“EVERYONE KNOWS BLACK LIVES MATTER WAS A SCAM,” the 45-year-old knucklehead wrote in his Instagram Stories early Tuesday morning. “NOW IT’S OVER. YOU’RE WELCOME.”

Black Lives Matter as an organization has been under intense scrutiny as numerous reports have come out highlighting its handling of donated money. Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation leader Shalomyah Bowers was accused of $10 million of donations in September.

There was also the purchase of that $6 million home in Los Angeles home that raised plenty of eyebrows.

Those incidents deserve criticism and resulted in the organization being scrutinized. However, Mr. West fails to realize that Black Lives Matter is more than an organization; it’s a movement.

Kanye West’s Black Lives Matter Hate Sparks Outrage

As expected, Ye’s latest stunt has sparked a lot of outrage. One person, in particular, Van Lathan, who already famously called out Kanye West to his face after he dropped the “slavery was a choice” nonsense, had something to say.

“We don’t need a reminder of the worth of white lives,” Lathan said in reply to a commenter in his Instagram post. “America is a shrine to the worth of white people. This message is reactionary to a message affirming Black lives, which have never been worth anything in America.

“In its intent, it’s a white supremacist notion,” he asserted, adding that and West is “apparently centering that notion. The notion that it always has to be about white people in America is incredibly frustrating, emotionally draining, and a whole problem,” he continued.

Lathan wasn’t alone. Jason Lee, one of West’s most prominent supporters, announced he would no longer work with the rapper. Jemele Hill, Marc Lamont Hill, Jaden Smith, and others have also chimed in.

Kanye West definitely stepped in it this time.

Photo: Edward Berthelot / Getty

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