April 17, 2024
Black Belt Eagle Scout Shares New Single "Nobody"


Black Belt Eagle Scout, the indie rock project of Katherine Paul, is back today with another new single called “Nobody.” It’s the latest sample of her upcoming album The Land, The Water, The Sky.

Much of Paul’s music is inspired by her Indigenous roots, and “Nobody” navigates the complexities of representing a marginalized community: “When I was growing up, I didn’t have very many Native role models to look to on TV or the radio,” she said in a press release. “It was within my own community that I found inspiring role models through our elders and our community leaders.”

Paul adds: “With Native representation in music and television slowly growing, I often ask myself where I stand within representation in music and how I want to be seen. This song is about the relationship I have with my own representation in music.”

That sense of bittersweetness is palpable in “Nobody.” “Nobody sang it for me like I wanna sing it to you,” Paul murmurs over gently rollicking drums, though as the track culminates into a wash of electric guitar, its tone feels increasingly hopeful. Watch the serene music video for Black Belt Eagle Scout’s “Nobody” below.

The Land, The Water, The Sky is due out February 10th via Saddle Creek. So far, Paul has also shared its songs “My Blood Runs Through This Land” and “Don’t Give Up.”


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