September 23, 2023
BINGEWATCH Returns To Hood Politics With Scorching Single, “IDK WHAT TIME IT IS”

One artist we are keeping our eye on this year is BINGEWATCH, who’s been making waves all over the dance music scene lately. Since his start, he’s landed singles on elite labels such as Hau5trap and Mixmash, garnering support from superstars like Deadmau5, Martin Garrix, and plenty more. Whether through his ‘Bingetape’ mixtape series – that’s even earned the acclaim of Chris Lake – or his series of underground parties through his Blind Tiger imprint, BINGEWATCH has proven his success in multiple facets of the industry and shows no signs of slowing down.

He kicked off 2023 with a bang, returning to Hood Politics for his highly anticipated ‘Bingetape Vol 3.‘ that encompasses four sizzling tech house tunes, releasing each song for free from Monday – Thursday. You can’t go wrong with any of the songs, but our favorite is “Party People”, it gives this electrifying feel of being a boiler room type party with good people around as BINGE fuels the song with smooth vocal cuts and a insatiable groove.

Capping off this week is the first single from BINGEWATCH, “IDK WHAT TIME IT IS“, and it’s a scorcher. He masterfully blends bass frequencies and a trippy vocal sample to create what is a heart pumping single we can’t get enough of.

Led by DJ Susan, Hood Politics has earned a reputation for being the home for the finest of the underground. Whether they are releasing mixtapes, singles, or remixes, Hood Politics has become the go-to spot to discover the best budding talent in electronic music. Most notably, they’ve built a global “family” of both fans and rising artists over the years (John Summit, Max Styler, etc), making BINGEWATCH’s return to Hood Politics all the more special for both himself and fans alike.

Check it out for yourself below!


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