April 15, 2024
Jimi Hendrix and Billy Gibbons studio portraits

Inspired initially by local peyote rockers 13th Floor Elevators, Billy Gibbons’ pre-ZZ Top band The Moving Sidewalks’ spaced-out sound progressed fast after they opened a series of shows for Jimi Hendrix.

“He was the master of the Stratocaster,” says Gibbons. “He developed chord structures and new chord positionings for rock music, squeezing things out of a simple guitar-and-amplifier set-up that hadn’t been written about in any manual.”

Jimi gave Billy a pink, late-1950s Strat on the tour. “Hendrix said it was too pretty to burn,” Gibbons says. And below, he reveals exactly what Hendrix means to him. 


First impressions

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