March 30, 2023
Beyonce x Jay-Z

Beyoncè has more music on the way. A New York Times reporter alleges Queen Bey’s  Renaissance part II project will be an acoustic album, while part III will be a collaboration with her husband Jay-Z.


According to New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan, the Beyhive can expect to see another collaboration from the Carters. After he announced Twitter “goes down,” he gave fans an inside scoop on what’s next regarding the Renaissance universe. 

Buchanan told fans, “I’ll just tell you what I’ve heard about the other 2 acts of Beyonce’s 3-part ‘Renaissance’ project,” Buchanan wrote on Twitter. “2nd act is an acoustic album, 3rd act is a collaboration with Jay-Z.”

This past summer, Beyoncè released the first part of her Renaissance project, earning her several awards during this year’s Grammy nominations. 

If the rumor is true, it will mark the second studio album from the Carters. Their last album, Everything is Love, was released in 2018 and was surprisingly dropped on the Tidal music platform.

There is no exact release date for Renaissance part II or III. However, Yoncè recently announced a tour for part I of the album in summer 2023.

Beyoncè and Jay-Z recently stepped out in Paris, Club Renaissance-style to celebrate Queen Bey’s new “Lose Yourself in Love” partnership campaign with Tiffany & Co.

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