December 11, 2023
Bensley joins We Are Friends 11 compilation with latest drum & bass single, "Never Enough"

Deadmau5’s mau5trap has historically championed variations of house and techno, but we know that the head honcho appreciates good music in any of its forms and often goes off the beaten path when there’s something worth highlighting. It’s not the first time that mau5trap has released drum & bass in its history, but Bensley is now the latest and also returns to the label with his entry on the forthcoming We Are Friends 11 compilation due out next year.

“Never Enough” is a luscious and heavenly taste of liquid drum & bass, par for the course for the accomplished producer. We could definitely ‘never’ get ‘enough’ of this single and we’re playing it on repeat until the full compilation drops.

Check it out below!


Photo via Paul Ignacio

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