February 26, 2024
Beatport Trance (Raw/Deep/Hypnotic)

As the trance industry expands its horizons, Beatport responds with the addition of Trance (Raw/Deep/Hypnotic)!

It’s a great day to be a trance fan because there’s a new Beatport genre in town, and it’s leading the beats into the future! It’s called Trance (Raw/Deep/Hypnotic), and it separates the genre’s umbrella into two categories with the other being Trance (Main Floor). By doing so, fans will get a better appreciation for the evolving character of one of the most powerful styles of music on the planet.

At Beatport, our dedicated curation team is committed to showcasing the diversity of dance music. Today, we celebrate this mission by recognizing the Trance community and providing them with a platform to thrive within our ecosystem. We are honoured to receive the overwhelming support of the community, and we eagerly anticipate the resurgence of the raw, deep, and hypnotic shades of Trance that have electrified dance floors in recent years.

Raphael Pujol (Beatport’s VP of Global Curation)

Digging deeper into the divide, Trance (Main Floor) will include the five familiar OG styles including Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance, Tech-Trance, Progressive Trance, and Hard Trance, while Trance (Raw/Deep/Hypnotic) will highlight the underground sounds that have been on the rise in recent years. Spearheading this change is none other than trance mainstay John 00 Fleming with help and support from KI/KIBasil O’GlueMaruwa, and Blue Hour.

It was only a matter of time before Trance gained another genre page on Beatport to focus on the underground side. With the introduction of this dedicated world, Trance can now flourish and breathe, allowing artists to be discovered and evolve.

John 00 Fleming

Let’s drive the concept home. For a taste of Deep Trance take a peek at Space Commanders’ Space Portal/Andromeda EP, out now on JOOF Recordings. If it’s Hypnotic that you crave, then gracefully place your ears on “The Yellow Butterfly” by Bradley Peters. Finally, for a helping of Raw Trance, definitely check out “Train To Mombasa” by OXOPOHA. If you’re feeling extra froggy then hit up Beatport’s Best New Trance (Raw/Deep/Hypnotic) collection for the month of May. These recently released tunes are all wonderful examples of what to expect when you’re seeking out fresh soundwaves, so tell a friend and go explore the full catalog!

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