September 30, 2023
Beatport Awards $100,000 Towards Gender Equality With Gender Party Initiative

Three organizations working towards gender equality in the music scene just received a combined $100,000 via Beatport’s Gender Parity Initiative. The program aims to fund companies tackling inequities in the electronic music industry around gender, race, and more.

The three winners are Future Female Sounds, Lady of the House, and #FORTHEMUSIC.

Future Female Sounds is a non-profit booking agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark that offers training and resources to female DJs and gender minorities. They focus on creating safer learning environments for all artists with their personalized teaching professionals.

Lady of the House started as a book but has since evolved into a female-led collective dedicated to furthering a comprehensive understanding of social, gender, and racial equality in dance music and beyond.

#FORTHEMUSIC is a campaign against sexual harassment and assault in the industry orientated around the short film ‘When The Music Ends.’ The film follows several sexual assault victims through a night out and details the various harassment and assaults each protagonist encounters. The film aims to educate viewers on the realities of assault and the dangers of the music scene.

Beatport was founded in 2004 and has since become one of the international leaders in electronic music. Earlier this year, CEO Robb McDaniels announced the fund to support organizations looking to tackle the gender pay gap in electronic music.

This follows allegations revealed by a VICE article in August that McDaniels preached inclusivity and diversity but allowed bullying, sexism, and casual racism to run rampant at Beatport.

All images from Beatport, featured image from Suzanne Ciani

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