February 5, 2023
Banksy Tells Fans to Steal From GUESS After Unauthorized Line

Banksy believes GUESS lifted his artwork for its new clothing line, so he’s encouraging his fans to steal the clothes right back.

The anonymous artist posted about the fashion company on November 18th with the message, “Attention all shoplifters. Please go to GUESS on Regent Street. They’ve helped themselves to my artwork without asking, how can it be wrong for you to do the same to their clothes?”

Banksy’s post includes a photo of GUESS’ London shop, which features a window display of t-shirts and jackets adorned with the artist’s Thug for Life bunny. Behind the clothes is a blown up print of Banksy’s famous depiction of a man throwing flowers.

According to the BBC, the collection was created in collaboration with Brandalised, a company with a license to sell Banksy’s work to fans, so it appears GUESS’ move was legal. When the company debuted the clothing line earlier this month, CCO Paul Marciano said, “The graffiti of Bansky has had a phenomenal influence that resonates throughout popular culture. This new capsule collection with Brandalised is a way for fashion to show its gratitude.”

Still, after Banksy’s post, the London shop closed down, covered its window display of the collection, and hired security to guard the entrance.

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