March 28, 2023
drake and bad bunny

Bad Bunny went to Instagram to let people know that he is a fan of Drake.  As if we didn’t already know!  The Puerto Rican rapper posted a video of himself listening to “Major Distribution”.  Drake mentions Bad Bunny in his first verse of the song off his joint album with 21 Savage, Her Loss.  He raps:

“Hmm, hmm, major distribution, labels call me Bad Bunny numbers, it’s a robbery”.

Bad Bunny is vibing out hard to his friend’s hit.

Bad Bunny x Drake

The two have collaborated in the past for the hit song, “MIA”.  It was released on Bad Bunny’s debut album, X 100pre, and became his first song to be in the top 10 on the charts.  The “Hotline Bling” rapper saw Bad Bunny’s video and reposted it to his Instagram.  He captioned the video, “You know who’s really running up the money”.  He followed it up by saying it’s him and the Un Verano Sin Ti rapper, using a rabbit emoji to describe the rapper.

Drake and Bad Bunny have been very successful this year.  He had two number-one albums this year with Honestly, Nevermind, and Her Loss with 21 Savage.  Her Loss landed at #1 in its first week, selling 404,000 units!  Un Verano Sin Ti also hit #1 in its first week, selling 274,000 units.  This album was the most streamed album worldwide this year on Spotify.  Bad Bunny has plenty more to brag about this year.  He is the owner of the highest-grossing tours as he holds the top three spots!  This year, his “World’s Hottest Tour” became the highest-grossing tour in one year.  In 81 shows, the tour has made over $400 million.

Kings of Spotify

It’s no secret that these two are the most popular people in music.  Bad Bunny was the most streamed artist in the world this year on Spotify.  And guess who was number two?  Drake!  The “In My Feelings” rapper was the most streamed artist in the United States this year on Spotify.

Written by: Brandon Simmons


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