February 21, 2024
AVELLO - Only You (hypernaut remix)

AVELLO & Madeline Austin – Only You (hypernaut remix)” not only represents the clashing of two styles from two talented rising producers (AVELLO and hypernaut), it’s a collaboration between friends – making the experience that much more unique and treasured. AVELLO’s “Only You” has its own legs to stand on as an original piece, but after hypernaut got his hands on it, it’s now an expressed and expanded upon version that couldn’t have occurred without the original set in place

I had been following Avello on tiktok for a couple of months, so when I saw him post the remix

contest I immediately wanted to enter. When I finally got a chance to check out the stems and

heard Madeline Austin’s vocals I instantly had tons of ideas swirling around in my head. I had

been trying to find a direction for the hypernaut project and always wanted to try Drum and

Bass so I decided to take a stab at it and fell in love with what came out. I was so stoked when

Madeline and Adam shared that feeling and I could be more happy to be a part of this remix

package. This remix has sparked a ton of creativity for me in the melodic bass, drum and bass,

and future bass realms and I’m really excited to bring more of this vibe to my original work in

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2023.” – hypernaut

hypernaut has produced a vast amount of styles over his time, now drum and bass becoming his current passion in this season on tracks. The integration of this genre within “Only You” goes above and beyond any expectations that could have been set on it. The bassline delivers a dirty energy, the percussion keeps the framework of the experience rooted, and the synths deliver a melodic element that speaks to the soul.

hypernaut seeks to express himself at all costs, this is a revealing launch of a sonic experience he’s been holding in for too long.


hypernaut Bio:


hypernaut is a brand new undiscovered dance music artist from Orlando, Florida. The producer behind hypernaut, David Stefanowicz, has produced a wide range of genres. Everything from indie rock to pop punk. But found his niche in producing electronic dance music, and has been for over 10 years.

Previously making up 1/3 of the electronic dance music trio Faethoms. He has had releases on Dim Mak Records, Circus Records, and Brooklyn Fire Records and has over 3 million streams on Spotify. He has also had the opportunity to collaborate with Nathanial Knows and Sloth and has had winning remixes for Morgan Page, MAX & Not Your Dope, and Dr. Meaker. Outside of the studio, he has played direct support for Robin Shulz, Joyryde, Cheat Codes, MUST D!E, and Dash Berlin.


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AVELLO had his first introduction to electronic music with the release of Odesza’s album In Return in 2014. Instantly obsessed, it was at this moment he was turned on to the electronic music scene. During his senior year of high school (2017-2018) Illenium‘s album Awake was released, and it completely changed his perspective of what electronic music could be. The vocals, production, and emotion of those tracks were unlike anything I had ever heard. The album got him through some very hard times, and he wanted to do the same for someone else through the power of music. Towards the end of senior year, he downloaded Ableton and the rest was history. Incredibly inspired, yet overwhelmed, he put in the work to learn the program, even though he had no music knowledge previous to this moment. He learned quickly that it took a tremendous amount of knowledge, creativity, and hard work to produce music. This was a discouraging revelation. Every few months he would sit down, produce a terrible track, close the laptop and move on thinking “this just isn’t for me”. Then around December of freshman year of college, a mental switch flipped. He decided not to give up on his ambition to learn music production. That was years ago – today he still actively works hard to create music that people will have a true musical connection with. AVELLO believes that all dreams can be met if you are willing to put in the time. He pursues this passion out of complete love. 


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