May 30, 2023
Austin Reaves Lead Lakers to Win, Team Eye LeBron James Return

The Los Angeles Lakers look like a much better team after the trade deadline, but we are still unsure about their full potential because LeBron James has been out. On Sunday, the Lake Show hosted the Orlando Magic, picking up a 111-105 win behind the powers of Austin Reaves, who dropped a career-high 35 points.

Reaves had it all going, pushing the Lakers back into the No. 9 spot in Westen Conference seeding. After the game, Reaves talked about with passion.

“Every time I take the court, play with a sense of urgency and leave it all out on the floor, because that’s how I feel basketball should be played,” said Reaves.

Reaves was celebrated online by James.

Reaves spoke to ESPN about the kind words, stating,  “for him to accept me the way he accepted me from Day 1, obviously I felt there was a really good chemistry, IQ-wise, from Day 1. But not just him, everybody else.”

With the win under their belt, the new question is when LeBron will return. Head coach Darvin Ham spoke with ESPN‘s Dave McMenamin and gave an update.

“We anticipate him coming back at some point [this season],” Ham said. A reevaluation of LeBron’s foot is scheduled for Thursday. The team has 10 games remaining in the regular season.

“I think Bron, him being out has revealed that we have a lot of different weapons that are very capable players on both sides of the ball that can help us achieve the goal that we’re trying to achieve,” Ham said. “And when he comes back, he’s just going to add to it.”

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