December 11, 2023
Nils Hoffmann

Stand-out tracks off Nils Hoffmann’s A Radiant Sign get celestial remixes from Jeremy Olander, Emancipator, Dosem, and more.

Berlin-based DJ and producer Nils Hoffmann has perfected the art of blending classical undertones with melodic, progressive house, captivating all Anjuna lovers to the core. Most recently, he fused meticulously crafted electronic elements with organic sounds for his sophomore album, A Radiant Sign. While that stunning album was dreamy at its core, Nils Hoffmann looked to other artists to take some of its biggest tracks beyond the heavens.

The original 13-track masterpiece featured collaborations with electronic duo TENDER, South African vocalist Julia Church, singer-songwriter Panama, and many more. Now, the list of talent continues to grow as notable producers have put their own spin on some of the tracks found on A Radiant Sign. Jeremy Olander, Emancipator, OLAN, TIBASKO, and Dosem are all featured in this incredible collection of remixes, taking on the daunting task of remixing impeccability and turning it into something greater.

Jeremy Olander kicks off A Radiant Sign (Remixed) with his take on the hauntingly beautiful track “Far Behind.” The original is spellbinding, with Panama’s vocals at the forefront of sweeping melodies and a fluid, gentle pulse. The Swedish-based producer, who regularly crosses the threshold of melodic house into the realm of techno, adds his own distinctive sound to “Far Behind.” Keeping the integrity of the original, Jeremy Olander adds subtle yet noticeable depth with a heavier bassline and punchy, fluttering synths, giving new energy to the track that’s fit for any dance floor. TIBASKO also puts his own spin on “Far Behind” with his bright, heavenly, perfectly built for a festival in the clouds.

9 Days” was the second track to get not one but two new renditions making the cut, which comes as no surprise considering it was a fan favorite of A Radiant Sign. Julia Church adds such an emotive atmosphere to the dreamy soundscapes of Nil Hoffmann’s production that I can’t deny I have belted the lyrics out in my car more than once. Emancipator flips the entire song on its head and adds surprisingly funky flare with a prominent drum kick that leads into groovy synths and vocal samples. Dosem stays true to the emotive, melodic nature of the original but makes Julia Church’s vocals deeper over a spacey introduction leading into a subtly heavier drop.

Finally, OLAN takes “Let Me Go” and turns it into a jungly, melodic house fever dream. The pulse of the drum will have your blood pumping to the beat and added such a fun layer to the melancholy, moody original to round out this collection of remixes.

Stream A Radiant Sign (Remixed) on Spotify or on your preferred platform, and let us know if you think any of the remixes top the originals on Twitter!

Stream Nils Hoffmann – A Radiant Sign (Remixed) on Spotify:

Nils Hoffmann – A Radiant Sign (Remixed) – Tracklist:

  1. Far Behind (Jeremy Olander Remix)
  2. 9 Days (Emancipator Remix)
  3. Let Me Go (OLAN Remix)
  4. Far Behind (TIBASKO Remix)
  5. 9 Days (Dosem Remix)

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