January 31, 2023

This week’s article is about singing. Many of us have been inspired to sing. We may hear a great song or a star performer and want to follow their lead. We want to be a singing star too! Whether you have written some of your own songs or want to take good songs from another writer, inspiration is only part of the story.

Many of the great singers who are known around the world for performing in front of hundreds, even thousands of people, got their inspiration from family members, church choir or from singing for a group of friends. But that’s not all there is to it. Some of the best songs ever written and some of the best performances ever given in public were the result of a little bit of inspiration and a lot of practice.

Let’s look at the idea of creating a song and singing it in public really works. Successful songwriters and singers may be able to build a following without being inspired by someone, by a beautiful morning or a difficult time in life. In some cases, the best singers and songwriters sit down at the piano or pick up a guitar and just start. They may even go back to the basics and use a piece of paper and a pen to put down some ideas for lyrics.

This can work for original songs as well as for learning songs already made popular by others. Either way, it doesn’t really happen “by magic.” But don’t be discouraged by the idea of having to put some effort into making your singing better or making your songs better. It is still possible to have a lot of fun performing music, getting your message across with a guitar and your voice. Not all of us will make a lot of money doing this, but the opportunity is there!

If you have already learned some songs, know how to play guitar or piano and have even recorded your performance, you probably have some talent and skills that need to be developed. In fact, one of the basic truths in the music world is that skills and talent need to be shaped and developed so that we can find success.

This process can start with inspiration. If you hear a favorite band or singer, think about learning one or two songs from that group or person. But as you do, stay as close to the original as you can. After all, this is their life’s work too! Once you have done that you will understand more about what it takes to create your own music. In addition to working on music ideas on your own, think about bringing in a good friend or family member. Some of you may have already done that and sing together. Working in pairs or small groups is a great way to get songs just right, whether you write them or just perform a song written by someone else. People like John Lennon and Paul McCartney certainly made the “two heads are better than one” idea work!

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