April 14, 2024
Apple Music Launches Guide To Help Find City-Specific Live Music Events

Those looking for live music events in their hometown or while they’re traveling are in luck as Apple Music and Apple Maps just launched city-specific guides.

The Apple Music Guide will showcase live music events in over 40 cities around the world at both local venues and through Shazam’s concert discovery modules.

Simply pick a city and Apple Music Guide will suggest prominent venues based on genres such as hip-hop, jazz, classical, dance, and more.

The cities currently on the guide include Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, San Francisco, Berlin, London, Paris, Vienna, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, and Mexico City.

Previously when traveling, the best way to find a show in a specific city was through basic Google searches: finding websites for venues and checking their calendars.

But with a detailed map from Apple, it will become much easier to simply search a region of interest and find significant venues for your desired genre.

The Apple Music Guides can be found for each city here.

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