April 22, 2024
Anne Wilson Strikes 'Country Gold' With Jordan Davis In Nostalgic Duet


Wilson says she’s “so honored” to have Davis join her on the duet.

GRAMMY-nominated Anne Wilson has struck “Country Gold” with her new song featuring fellow country superstar, Jordan Davis. 

The highly-anticipated duet pays homage to the charm of small-town living and all the happiness that can be found within the “middle of some nowhere” communities. To people on the outside, it may seem like just a surplus of land separated by “nothing more than dirt and gravel roads,” but to those who call that type of town home, it’s rich with memories, pride, and their deeply ingrained roots.

The Inspiration Behind “Country Gold”

Throughout the song, Wilson and Davis take this narrative to heart while reflecting on the nature of their personal upbringings. The country artists’ silky vocals dance together in a string of beautiful harmonies on the chorus, which further emphasizes all the best parts of a small-town lifestyle: “It’s a little house on a little land/ A little built it with your own two hands/ Little pride in a hard week’s work/ Little supper after Sunday church/ To most it might not look like much/ But I put roots down here because/ The richest people that I’ve ever known/ Struck country gold.”

They continue, “Guess the slower that you’re livin’ the less you tend to miss/ ‘Cause when you find what happy isn’t, you find what happy is/ Doing life with who you love/ Hearing laughter filling up.”

Anne Wilson served as a co-writer on “Country Gold” alongside Jeff Pardo and Matthew West, which allowed her to weave her own experiences in life throughout the tender tune. She also showcases her distinctive faith-infused Country sound while drawing inspiration from the biblical meaning of “gold” which represents a symbol of spiritual wealth.

“‘Country Gold’ is a song about the good stuff in life that a lot of people tend to overlook, including myself sometimes. I wrote this song about my roots, about the ground beneath my feet where I grew up in Kentucky,” Wilson explained in a statement. “It’s about the beauty of a small town, traditional family, the value of hard work and what my family taught me are the things that make up for a rich life. I love this song so much, and I’m so honored to have my friend Jordan Davis sing on it with me. I hope people hear this song and get a good reminder to remember where they come from and see the beauty of it all.”

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New Album Coming This April

This song marks yet another glimpse inside the “Rain In The Rearview” singer’s forthcoming album, REBEL, arriving Friday, April 19. In addition to Davis, the genre-defying project produced by Jeff Pardo and Jonathan Smith will also find Wilson joining forces with artists like Lainey Wilson on “Praying Woman” and GRAMMY Award-winner Chris Tomlin on “The Cross.”

A co-writer on each of the album’s 16 tracks, Wilson worked closely alongside some of Music Row’s most highly-sought after songwriters such as Nicolle Galyon, Emily Weisband, Matthew West and Trannie Anderson to compile a collection that celebrates her genre-defying sound.

Anne Wilson; Rebel
Anne Wilson; Rebel

REBEL Track List

  1. “REBEL” (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Matthew West)
  2. “Rain In The Rearview” (Anne Wilson, Matthew West, Zach Kale, Jaren Johnston)
  3. Strong” (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Matthew West)
  4. “God & Country” (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Matthew West, Trannie Anderson)
  5. “Praying Woman” (with Lainey Wilson) (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Matthew West, Lainey Wilson, Trannie Anderson)
  6. “Songs About Whiskey” (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Matthew West, Lauren Hungate)
  7. “Sinner’s Prayer” (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Matthew West, Lauren Hungate)
  8. “The Cross” (with Chris Tomlin) (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Matthew West, Jonathan Smith)
  9. “My Father’s Daughter” (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Matthew West, Emily Weisband)
  10. “Red Flag” (Anne Wilson, Jonathan Smith, Casey Beathard)
  11. “Country Gold” (with Jordan Davis) (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Matthew West)
  12. “Southern Gospel” (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Matthew West, Lauren Hungate)
  13. “Dirt Roads In Heaven” (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Nicolle Galyon, Matthew West)
  14. “3:16” (Anne Wilson, Jeff Pardo, Matthew West)
  15. “Milestones” (Anne Wilson, Nicolle Galyon, Lauren Hungate)
  16. “Out of the Bluegrass” (Anne Wilson, Nicolle Galyon, Emily Weisband)

Anne Wilson recently wrapped up her time on the road as direct support for Scotty McCreery’s Cab In A Solo Tour.

This summer, she will perform at both Country and Christian music festivals including Tortuga Festival, Big As Texas Fest, Country Concert, Alive Music Festival and Kingdom Bound. 

For dates and more information, visit www.annewilsonofficial.com 


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